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  • Dimensions
    Maximum Speed
    Maximum grade

    Nice appearance Modern Design

    Multidimensional enjoyment

    The frame adopts a square tone, small rounded transition, rigid and soft, smooth lines,

    beautiful and generous, giving people a feeling of elegance, kindness, and safety

    Safe and comfortable Space

    Multidimensional experience

    Safety measures: Six key designs, eliminate fire hazards from the source, four escape safety settings, and provide multiple safe escape routes.

    Core advantage Guard every journey with strengths

    Quality Technology

    Independently master the three key core technologies of new energy vehicles, including electric bus control, motor and motor drive system, and battery system and battery management, to reach a high level.

  • Steering Performance and Energy Saving

    The use of electro-hydraulic power steering technology improves the portability of low-speed steering and the stability of high-speed steering, and improves the steering performance and energy-saving characteristics of bus.

  • MCU

    The combined anti-lock control strategy of friction braking and motor feedback braking can recover braking energy in the largest proportion and extend the driving range by 5%

  • High-power permanent magnet synchronous motor

    The high-voltage components (power battery, motor, controller, etc.) of pure electric bus are designed in separate compartments, completely isolated from the passenger compartment, and the wading height of the whole bus is better than traditional diesel vehicles. The ATS intelligent cooling system technology is adopted to ensure the working temperature of high-voltage components is kept in a reasonable range, which improves the safety of electricity and driving.

  • Thermal Management System for Battery Boxes

    The battery is centrally arranged above the motor at the rear of the vehicle, and the battery adopts water-cooling technology, which can extend the life of the battery and improve the crash safety of the vehicle at the same time.

  • Intelligent remote monitoring platform for electric bus

    Vehicle terminal and real-time monitoring system: support optimized mobile terminal browsing, when the vehicle breaks down, the system will notify the service personnel of the fault information; GPS and GPRS can track and locate the running position of the vehicle at any time for emergency rescue.

  • Electric hydraulic power steering energy saving control

    Comprehensive use of power-assisted control, return control, inertia control and damping control to improve the portability of low-speed steering and the stability of high-speed steering, while reducing energy consumption as much as possible.

  • Controller technology

    Permanent magnet synchronous electrical drive controller technology for higher efficiency and longer life span.

  • Safe energy control, optimized recovery

    Vehicle control technology: The vehicle control strategy can be customized and optimized according to different customers' road conditions, and the braking energy recovery efficiency can be scientifically and reasonably optimized to make the whole vehicle more energy-saving and improve the range.

  • Monocoque Bodywork

    The whole vehicle adopts Monocoque Bodywork technology, Metal closed ring structure, and T700 high-strength steel for the frame, which makes the vehicle lighter and more energy-saving.

  • Parameter

    Standard configuration

    Whole vehicle

    Vehicle parameters



    number of seats




    Maximum total mass


    Curb quality


    Front overhang


    Back overhang


    Approach/departure angle (0)


    Maximum speed


    Battery capacity (kwh)


    Step structure

    Second step

    Passenger door structure

    Open front door

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