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  • Core Technology

  • Electric Kit" Control System
    Alfabus independently masters the three key core technologies of new energy vehicles: electric bus control, motor and motor drive system, and battery system and battery management. These core technologies have not only been transformed into realistic high-tech manufacturing capacity, but also determined the added value rate of the electric bus industry to a considerable extent. The endogenous power of the enterprise was released, laying a solid market foundation for the development of Alfabus.
  • Core Technology-Vehicle Controller
    The vehicle controller has a complete level of intelligent man-machine dialogue function. Applying complete vehicle dynamics optimization simulation methods, according to the high-level vehicle development process, solve the optimal model of the vehicle power system, and develop the powertrain control system with the most optimized vehicle control strategy.
    Realize the optimal distribution and management of the energy of the multi-energy power system, develop the road working condition identification algorithm, analyze the results according to the driving intention, calculate the road characteristic parameters, call the corresponding energy management strategy according to different working conditions, and realize the optimal distribution of electric energy. The domestic perfect control strategy and algorithm design technology realize the efficient and safe energy control and optimized recovery of the whole vehicle.
  • Core Technology-Motor Drive System
    It adopts high-efficiency weak magnetic control, high voltage utilization, wide speed adjustment range, safe and reliable equipment, high water cooling power density and high reliability.
    Permanent magnet and asynchronous dual-control motor drives use space vector control, field weakening control, and best operating point control to achieve low speed, large torque, and wide speed range; use the main circuit low-loss switch technology and water cooling technology to improve the system Efficiency, breaking through the technical difficulties of field weakening and high-efficiency control of the permanent magnet synchronous motor drive control system, greatly reducing the volume and weight of the controller, improving the thermal load capacity of the controller, and achieving the controller energy density of 3.7Kw/ Kg, the highest efficiency is 97%.
  • Core technology-battery and management system
    Aiming at the difference of single battery and performance changes in use, design automatic adjustment and self-learning differentiated charging and discharging management system to realize the active balance function between battery cells, so that the state of single battery is consistent, and there is no overcharge or overdischarge. . At the same time, it has advanced functions such as power lithium battery status (SOC, SOH) detection, safety protection and communication.
  • Core technology-lightweight body and low floor technology
    On the basis of the proprietary technology of the chassis frame structure and the body frame structure, the finite element calculation model of the full-panel body frame was established, combined with the mathematical programming method, the body frame was optimized in topology and size, and a lightweight body design was explored Feasible way. It breaks through the defects of the traditional beam-type non-load-bearing car body with large curb weight and small available space, making it possible for passenger cars to be equipped with a large number of batteries, and achieving the goal of reducing the curb weight of vehicles over 10 meters by 1 ton
  • Core technology-integrated design
    ▲Independent high-voltage equipment compartment design: batteries, high-voltage equipment, motors, etc. are placed at the rear of the vehicle body, designed as an independent unit compartment, isolated from the passenger area, improving the comfort and safety of passengers;
    ▲Short rear suspension and long wheelbase design, larger flat floor area, increasing passenger capacity;
    ▲The batteries are centrally placed on the motor, and the wading height is large, which is conducive to the ventilation and heat dissipation of the battery box, and it is safer in collision;
    ▲The high-voltage cable is short, the cost is low, the anti-electromagnetic interference performance is good, and the passenger electromagnetic radiation is low.
  • Core Technology-Electric Hydraulic Power Steering Energy Saving Control
    Comprehensive use of power-assisted control, return control, inertia control and damping control to make the mechanical, electrical and hydraulic parts of the electro-hydraulic steering system work together. Through the optimization of the steering control strategy, it is reasonable according to the road conditions, the driving speed of the car and the steering state. The size and direction of the power assist to improve the portability of low-speed steering and the stability of high-speed steering, while reducing energy consumption as much as possible
  • Core Technology-Braking Energy Recovery Technology
    Applying patents and technical achievements of "Automobile Braking Energy Regeneration Theory and Method", a joint anti-lock control strategy of friction braking and motor feedback braking is established to recover braking energy in the largest proportion while ensuring braking performance. The driving range has been extended by 5%.
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